TU Delft

Delft University of Technology, also known as TU Delft, is the largest and oldest Dutch public technical university, located in Delft, Netherlands. It hosts over 16,000 students, more than 2,600 scientists and over 2,000 doctoral students.

BroxTech works together with the HPT Delft. The team has started in September 2010 and achieved a European and student speedrecord of 129km/h during the World Human Powered Speed Challenge at Battle Mountain, Nevada, in September 2011. The students have gained a lot of knowledge about (carbon) materials and aerodynamics of cycling. Moreover, they can use the testing facilities of the TU Delft, such as the wind tunnel, thermal vacuum chamber and Infra-red camera testing.

SMA Midden Nederland

Medical Sport Advice Centre Netherlands (in Duthc: SMA Midden Nederland) offers a wide varity of products and services for endurance athletes. From effective training schedules to power measurement to sportmedical examination.

A sports medical examination typically includes full personal details of competition and training performances, as well as a clinical examination. Examples of the tests: VO2max and ventilatory threshold, lactate profile and anaerobic power assessment.

BroxTech works closely together with Sport Physician Guido Vroemen and his collegues of SMA. SMA has a very down-to-earth approach and have been training top(tri)athletes for years.


InnosportNL is the connection between sport, science and business.

InnosportNL initiates, facilitates and realises the development of innovative products and services for Dutch athletes since November 2006. These innovations make it possible for athletes to have a sustainable advantage and to realises sport results that are in line with their Olympic ambitions.

Kestrel Pocket Windmeters

Nielsen-Kellerman Company designs, manufactures and distributes rugged, waterproof environmental and sports performance instruments for active lifestyles and technical applications, including:

  • Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters
  • NK Electronics for Rowing and Paddling
  • Blue Ocean Rugged Megaphones & PA Systems