What is uWind?

  • An Android App that collects weather data and sends it live to the internet
  • Specifically developed in combination with Kestrel Pocket Weathermeters
  • The app shows sensor data such as: windspeed, temperature, barometric pressure and humidity
  • Accurate GPS-data which is used for the maps function
  • Works in combination with all Android smartphones, such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc
  • uWind can serve as a complete mobile weather station
  • Weather data is saved and archived automatically. Files can easily be shared via email.

Demo Video

uWind App uWind Computer
  • Buy the app in the Google Play store
  • Connect your Android Smartphone with a Bluetooth
  • Compatible with Kester Pocket Windmeters
  • GPS data is saved
  • G3 and wifi communication
  • Data is saved on sd-card (csv-file)
  • Data is also avaibable online (personal website with graphs)
€ 4,76 EUR
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  • Buy a complete weather station from BroxTech
  • You’ll get a Sony Xperia waterproof smartphone
  • Latest version of uWind
  • Armband holder for xPeria
  • All settings modified for max battery life

€ 219,- EUR

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