Frequently Asked Questions about uBike

It possible to use the uBike app without internet connection?
You can very well use it without the internet. You can switch “Cloud sharing” off. No data will then be saved in the internal database for cloud sharing. Also you can put your mobile in Wifi only mode for data. The app will then only sync when you are near a wifi access point. You can stay in an area without internet access for days or weeks. Once you have internet access again, uBike will start the “cloud sharing”, as soon as you start the application. This only works if you have the cloud-sharing-setting-option of uBike ON.

Do you think about offline maps for uBike as an option for users?
We have certainly been thinking about off line mapping. This is actually one of this things we tried first in evaluating the mapping libraries. uBike uses Open Street Maps. The size of the data for these maps however is quite large, therefore it’s not a functionality (yet).

How can I see were I’m cycling with uBike?
There actually 3 ways to get to the map. The swipe. This one is hard to do while on your bike. The menu button and then the map button in the menu. And a hidden feature: Click on the right side of a window that displays time. We may change this last one for a better or more generic solution later.

Can I pre-load a GPX-file in uBike?
uBike’s focus has been recording data, displaying this data and distributing the data. The preloaded GPX data is also something on our wish list. The mapping functionality right now is very basic. uBike can already write GPX files and it can load it’s own CSV files for the historic replays.

Can I upload my ride directly to Strava with uBike?
Stava live uploads is indeed on our wish list. We can’t find the required information on the internet yet. Meaning we will have to talk to Strava. Training Peaks was very cooperative.
We will have a look at

Something very annoying when cycling are stops (traffic lights, breaks etc.) because they destroy the average. Can uBike do something about this?
uBike can’t make traffic lights switch from red to greeen, but every piece of data in uBike has a minimum value below which it will not be recorded. For speed this is something like 2 km/h. There is no access to these minimum values to the user. We ‘d rather not make the user interface overly complicated.

Isn’t the speed cadence sensor more accurate than GPS
Correct. The speed cadence sensor is more correct in measuring speed and distance than the GPS sensor. uBike therefore gives priority to sensors giving better accuracy. This means uBike will take the data from the most accurate sensor available and neglect the data from lesser accurate sensors.