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SRM Power Meters
SRM – Schoberer Rad Messtechnik – was founded by engineer Ulrich Schoberer in 1986.Up until the eighties, no adequate method had been found to measure performance on a bike in training or racing, you still had to rely on lab testing instead.

It wasn‘t until Ulrich Schoberer developed and patented the SRM Training System that it at last became possible to measure power in watts while cycling. SRMs measure the only aspect of training that is absolute, POWER, which isn’t affected by the kinds of influences, like weather conditions (temperature, wind) you see when you measure physiological variables such as heart rate or speed. Even better, pedalling power is measured at the point where output really occurs, on the special crank, the SRM Powermeter.

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CycleOps Powertab

PowerTap Hub power meters are the precise instrument that gives you access to real-time performance measurement, accurate to within +/- 1.5%. CycleOps hubs are the perfect tool to improve power and performance to ensure you have your best season ever.

Building energy for positive change starts in the bike world. Is a better, healthier community good for business? Sure. But it’s not just about profits. Being more successful allows us, in return, to give more back to the community. It’s a virtuous cycle that benefits us all.

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Power2max – the new powermeter for the ambitious recreational cyclists. Six man-years of development, 167 structural elements, ten of which are specific components, and more than 50 process steps. Besides the opportunity of selecting between different crank makes, Power2max offers a unique design with a high recognition value. Furthermore, you can choose among five different colours to create your individual power2max.

Power2max has been designed to measure your performance reliably in any weather condition. It is almost resistant to temperature fluctuations and virtually waterproof.

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Quarq Power Meters

Each power meter is individually calibrated at the factory. Calibration values are stored on the power meter for seamless interchangeability between cycling computers. The SRAM RED Quarq power meter has an accuracy to +/-1.5%.

CinQo Saturn models use a coin cell battery that lasts for over 400 hours of riding time.

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