uBike Roadmap

Currently we are working on the following functionality in uBike:

  • Live upload to Strava
  • Improved support for heart rate variability
  • Heart rate recovery field
  • Bicycle profiles
  • Faster ANT search and pairing
  • Support for Zephyr HxM Bluetooth heart rate band
  • Live maps on
  • GPX file upload for following a route
  • Improved battery usage
  • Support for French, German en Spanish (please mail if you are interested to make a translation)

Features you may not have noticed:

  • Live upload to Training Peaks
  • Emails to yourself with graphs and files exports
  • Speech: Get yourself a reports of data of your choice every so many minutes. This keeps your head focussed to the road or track!
  • Replay of earlier rides. Very nice to show to your friends.